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We are a small organic farm located in the Great Smokey Mountains, Bryson City, North Carolina. We raise quality organic vegetables, berries, and some medicinal herbs. Last year we started 16 apple trees that are being grown with organic methods.

In addition to our fruits and vegetables, we have free range chickens that are given love and attention daily: Rhode Island Reds, Dominics, Golden Comet, Black Sexlink, and Anaconas. All of our chicks have names and they produce the best "Laid with Pride" brown/colored eggs!

We sell most of our produce/eggs to local folks here in Bryson City and surrounding towns. We offer free delivery or dropins are welcomed with prior notice.



2011 Heritage Poultry Project


We are so honored to be the recipients of the 2011 WNC AgOptions Grant Program.  We are in the process of purchasing Buckeyes and Chantecler - breeds on the extinct list.  In addition, we have begun the hatching process of our own chicks, using our new Sportsman 1502 incubator.  With the purchase of a poultry processing unit, we will be able to offer meat to our customers for the first time.  Also, we will be selling baby chicks to other local poultry farmers and offering the use of our equipment to them.  

A special thank you goes to our dear friend, Jim Adkins, International Center for Poultry, Project Coordinator.  Without his guidance, coaching and teachings, our goal to provide fresh local eggs from humanely raised poultry for ourselves and others in the community would have been minimal at best.  His commitment to assisting us become better poultry farmers has been invaluable

A special thank you goes to the NC Tobacco Trust Fund Commission, for providing grant funding to the Western North Carolina farmers.

Finally, a special thank you goes to the WNC AgOptions, NC Cooperative Extension, and Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Program (ASAP),  their extensive training, funding, and mission of building sustainable farming communities in the mountains is significant for us to meeting our goals.